You will be getting a lot of free gifts and rewards as you spend time on Mad Number app. Gifts ranges from our merchandise to getting a free sandwich from your favourite place. So you are creating an impact in the world and getting free stuff and all of this is happening from your comfort place.

Our app is not yet available for public. We have a private beta going on which you can sign up for to test. To sign up visit:

Downloading and using mad number app will NOT cost you anything. It’s free and will always be. You can donate money too if you want but just spending time on it is enough to create an impact. Our app convert the time spend on it into funds. So we claim to be the easiest way to help someone is by using Mad Number’s mobile app.

Mad Number spend funds on project that solves a problem for a community or an individual in a community. Project can be anything ranging from building a business to create jobs for the community to clean water filtration plant for in a community. We research communities and see what is needed and our users can also submit issues that they have identified in a community.

Mad Number is a social enterprise aimed to work on solving poor communities issues by promoting basic income guarantee concept. Mad Number mobile app converts the time a user spends on it into funds. We use these funds on projects that are solving issues a community is facing.