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Spending time on Mad Number app creates social impact.

Spend time on app and it automatically converts your time into funds. This means without spending a single dollar you can solve global issues like:

Help a poor family

By providing basic income guarantee to a family living below poverty line.

Put a Child in School

By paying their tuition and for books all the way up till they graduate.

Save the Environment

Less poverty means less plastics waste and more awareness.

Crime & Terrorism

Basic Income Guarantee will solve crimes like robbery and theft and terrorism.


Poverty is linked with epidemic diseases like AIDS and malaria.

Community Issues

Issues like no clean water in a community can be solved using our app.

Growing Economy

Providing business solutions to poverty help the economy grow.

Individual Challenges

An individual who is homeless and need a lift so that they can live a sustainable life.

... and so so many more

Easiest way to help someone.
Just use the app and it'll handle the rest.

See Your Impact

See the impact that you are creating just by using Mad Number's App.

Submit a Problem

Know someone who needs help? Submit it using app and we will fix it.

Win Rewards & Gifts

Finish challenges and win goodies, offers, rewards and so much more.

Easiest Way to help someone

Just by using mad number app, nothing else will do wonders for the world.

Mad Number Beta Application