Main objective:
Putting out of school children through school by providing basic income guarantee to eligible families.

Project Brief:
Around 22.6 Million children are out of school in Pakistan and this number is growing every year. As we live in the era of technology, so after research routines of the people we have developed a solution based on technology that is perfect enough to suit their lifestyle and can also help these out of school children go through school. Mad Number is a mobile app that raise funds of it’s own in a magical yet fun to do way when user use it. With these raised funds we will not only pay the fee of the children going through school through our program but also ensuring the eligible families a basic income so that they keep sending their child through school. The app uses gamification techniques to make it addictive and user keeps coming back to the platform. There are certain challenges a person needs to do in order to win prizes. So there is something for everyone but more for those who deserve it the most.