A Technological Community Mobilization Platform to Encounter Poverty and Education Crisis.

Project Brief:

A Canadian city named dauphin once eliminated poverty and nearly everyone forgot about it.The program was called Mincome. A family of mother, father and their six children in Dauphin tells about this program that MinCome provided them with financial stability and a sense of stability. There was always food on the table. The bills were paid. The kids stayed in school. In five years, Mincome helped one thousand Dauphin families who fell below the poverty line earn a livable income. When the project ended, locals didn’t make a fuss because they knew the cheques were temporary anyway. “Some people thought it was like charity, It wasn’t really charity, it was need.” said the mother of the family. Another aspect of this experiment was that they analyzed the basic income and gave the money to the families not to tell them how they should spend it.

Scarcity Mentality is a scare that comes with the thought of not having enough. Poverty is not lack of knowledge. Poor are making poor decisions because they are in a situation of poverty. If we place any of you in this situation you’ll act the same. But I’m not saying that Eldar Shafir conducted an experiment with the sugarcane farmers in India and found out these results. So everyone is poor if they are in a scarcity mentality. Scarcity comes not only with money it also comes with time. Mincome was basically working as a venture capital for the poor people. When people are under financial scarcity they take bad decisions like: Payday loans or a debt trap.

Based on these and some other studies we combined the results and made a platform which we are calling Mad Number.

Mad Number’s idea is to become a venture capital for the poor people, but who will finance this venture? If we will have the money only then we can give it to the poor and this finance has to keep coming in as there are millions who are in need. We took this challenge upon us to find an innovative solution for positive global impact so we made our users The Change Agents. They’ll download the app, register themselves on the platform and play a simple number raising game. This game is the innovative part as it’ll improve their knowledge about the cause, they’ll win rewards and gift and the best part is they won’t be paying a single dollar from their pockets. We have 3 innovative ways to display advertisement on the app that it’s the first time a consumer is interacting with an ad in this capacity in the history of mankind. Using modern gamification techniques the app lure the users into it and they play the game, they win prizes, we raise funds in between and user can also meet their beneficiaries.

Using the app people can help poor people and as we will go global in future we don’t have to change much because the app will be available worldwide and people can download it and can help a child who might be living thousand’s of miles away in another country. So it’s a long-term global impact and we have vision to reach global starting from our own community.

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