Our Mission

Promoting the basic rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do.

Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) and Family Support


Education to Every Child


Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

Revolutionary Mobile App

Turning your mobile device into an empathy machine

The idea of Mad Number app is going to change the way the world charity. You’ll be able to use your mobile phone and without paying a single dollar you’ll be helping children get through school and families getting monthly income. Join this network of people together to solve education and poverty crisis of the world.

How you can contribute

Apply as a volunteer and become a part of our large volunteers network. Tell us about your skills and we will contact you as we get the need of your skills.

Join as Volunteer

Download our mobile app and start using it everyday. It’ll help the app raise funds of it’s own and these funds will be used in number of ways to help our beneficiaries.

Use Mobile App

Donate directly to us. You can transfer online or make a deposit at our office locations and there are other number of ways you can donate directly.

Direct Donate

Where the
money goes

From Every  $100 we will earn $60 will go to the beneficiaries in

  • Paying tuition fee of a child
  • Paying basic income to families
  • Building new schools
  • Promoting Social Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills Education

Our Distribution Model

We are a hybrid organization. We believe that the person hold the rights to know how the raised money is being spent. So we have transparent policy over our distribution model. From every $100 we will get $60 will go to the beneficiaries, $20 will go for office expense, $15 will go for business development/marketing and $5 would be Profit.

Breaking it down even more from the $60, $30 will be used to pay tuition of a child, $10 will be used to pay basic income to families, $10 will be used to build new schools, $5 will be used in promoting social entrepreneurship and $5 will be used to provide life skill based education to children under our program.